AY 2022-23

Berkeley-Stanford Medieval Studies Symposium

7 April 2023, UC Berkeley

AY 2021-22

Stanford-Berkeley Medieval Studies Symposium

15 April 2022, Stanford [Program]

Berkeley Medieval Studies Symposium

6 November 2021, UC Berkeley [Program]

AY 2018-19

Berkeley-Stanford Medieval Graduate Student Conference: Medieval Boundary Making

6 April 2019, UC Berkeley [Program]

AY 2014-15

Medieval Ethics and Aesthetics: The Good and the Beautiful?

Keynote Lecture: "The Ars Disputandi and the 'Art' of Disputation"

Alex Novikoff

Fordham University

20-21 February 2015

AY 2013-14

The Material Middle Ages: An International Graduate Student Conference

Keynote Lecture: "Paratextual Cues in Late Medieval Books: Detecting Female Networks"
Cynthia Brown
University of California, Santa Barbara

28 February-1 March 2014

AY 2012-13

Re:form: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference in Medieval Studies

Keynote Lecture: "Re:forming the Pavement Hours (York Minster XVI.K.6)"
Jessica Brantley
Yale University

15-16 February 2013.

AY 2011-12

Eighth Annual Anglo-Saxon Studies Colloquium Graduate Student Conference: "Philology"

Keynote Lecture: "We Philologists"
Jan Ziolkowski
Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Medieval Latin, Department of Classics, Harvard University
Director of the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection

24-25 February 2012.

AY 2010-11

Reading the Middle Ages: An International Graduate Student Conference

Keynote Lecture: "Producing the Lector"
Rita Copeland
Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Endowed Term Professor in the Humanities, University of Pennsylvania

25-27 March 2011