Kalamazoo Prize

UC Berkeley Medieval Studies Graduate Student Prize Paper Competition 

This prize was established in 2010 through the generosity of then Dean Janet Broughton and of James Murray, Director of the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University. The funding, originally granted for a period of five years, has been regularly renewed. Local monies cover the cost of transportation to Kalamazoo for the winner of the UC Berkeley Medieval Studies Graduate Student Prize. The Medieval Institute at Kalamazoo provides registration, housing, and meal tickets for the prize winner, who gives her/his paper in a dedicated “slot” denominated “UC Berkeley Medieval Studies Graduate Student Prize winner” at the following year's Kalamazoo Congress.

A sub-committee of three members of the Medieval Studies faculty act as jurors for the competition.  In constituting the jury, the Director appoints faculty members from departments without students in the competition, in so far as it is possible, and excludes the primary advisor of any student who has submitted a paper.  The committee will judge the submissions based on merit alone. In any given year, the committee may decide, in consultation with the Medieval Studies Director, not to award the prize.

The submission deadline is in mid-May and the announcement of the winner in mid-June.  Students must have formally declared the concurrent Ph.D. in Medieval Studies to be eligible to enter the competition.  Past winners may not reapply.

The format for submissions is a 20-minute (= 10 pages double spaced), Kalamazoo-style paper with handout (if required).  Applicants submit their papers via email to the Director of the Program. The notifications of the prize competition will include a downloadable cover sheet to be submitted with each essay, which will include each applicant's name, essay title, and SID.  With the exception of the cover sheet, the author's name may not appear on any part of the submitted paper. Instead, applicants should type their SID on the front page and in the header of their papers.   The Director will detach the cover sheets before circulating the essays to the judges, who will see only the SIDs and essay titles.  Only the Director will know the identities of all applicants.