Electronic Resources: Scandinavian Studies

Icelandic-English Dictionary
Searchable texts of Richard Cleasby and Gudbrand Vigfusson [Guðbrandur Vigfússon], Icelandic-English Dictionary, a standard dictionary for Old Norse-Icelandic prose texts. Glosses in English.

Fritzners ordbok
Search engine for Johan Fritzner, Odbog over det gamle norske sprog, the best dictionary of Old Norse-Icelandic prose. Glosses in Dano-Norwegian. Many sample passages for each lexeme.

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose
The search engine for the Copenhagen Old Norse dictionary project. The interface is Danish, but ordliste (basis) brings up a page on which one can bring up all the words under a letter, and ordliste (avanceret) enables one to enter a string to search on. For each word one is maximally offered information on usage (“structure”), a gloss (“article”), citations by chronology, and citations by sigla; for many, only the last two are available. The value of the database is the exhaustive excerpting.

Lexicon Poeticum
Scan of Finnur Jónsson, Lexicon Poeticum Antiquae Linguae Septentrionalis, a standard dictionary of Old Norse-Icelandic poetic language, especially skaldic poetry. Glosses in Danish. Navigate by means of the pull-down page menu at the top.

A cooperative project of The National and University Library of Iceland and Cornell University in association with the Árni Magnússon Institute providing digital images of some 240,000 manuscript pages and 153,000 printed pages from an astonishingly wide variety of materials ranging across the Old Norse-Icelandic corpus.

Medieval Nordic Text Archive
The web page of the Medieval Nordic Text Archive, a network of Nordic archives, libraries, and research institutions with digital aspirations. Contains a text archive (some with several levels of encoding) and links to various resources.

The web site of the international project to create a new edition of skaldic poetry. Entries vary as the project proceeds, but each stanza contains at least the readings from the old edition by Finnur Jónsson, Det norsk-islandske skjaldedigtning, and some contain a great deal more, including the editors’ new readings and translations, images of the manuscripts, etc.

Viking Society Web Publications
Scans of nearly all the publications of the Viking Society, including numerous texts, studies, and translations, and a nearly complete run of Saga-Book of the Viking Society, much of it searchable. Includes Anthony Faulkes’s edition of Snorra edda, which is becoming the standard one to cite.

Árni Magnússon Institute
Scanned manuscript pages from the Árni Magnússon Institute in Reykjavík. The interface is Icelandic, but some famous stuff is there, and the second column gives information on the genres. To view click skoða in the right-hand column.

The web page of the Icelandic netútgáfa containing normalized texts in modern Icelandic orthography. Handy for a quick look up.