Undergraduate Minor

The Program in Medieval Studies offers an undergraduate interdisciplinary Minor in Medieval Studies. The Minor has three principal purposes:

  1. To give undergraduate students who have an interest in Medieval Studies the benefit of advising about what courses are available in the various departments and how certain courses might fit together into a meaningful sequence or cluster.
  2. To enable students to be informed about lectures, colloquia, social events, and conferences of interest to them.
  3. To allow those undergraduates who complete substantial work in Medieval Studies to have that fact acknowledged. Should those students wish to pursue further academic work after graduation, their chances of success in the competition for admission to graduate school will be enhanced, not just because of the official notice on their transcript but because they will have gained greater professional competence through informed participation in the Program in Medieval Studies at Berkeley.

Undergraduates who contemplate applying for the Minor should contact the Graduate/Undergraduate Advisor, wellendorf [at] berkeley [dot] edu (Professor Jonas Wellendorf), to discuss their interests and needs.

Students can receive credit for fulfilling the Minor by completing any five upper-division or graduate courses in Medieval Studies. Please note that the following restrictions apply:

  1. At least three of the five courses must be taken at U.C. Berkeley.
  2. The courses must be of 3 or 4 units and must be taken for a letter grade, with a minimum GPA of 2.0 in those courses.
  3. So that cross-disciplinary skills are ensured, only three of the five courses may be taken in a single department. Students should consult with a Letters and Science advisor to ensure that there is no more overlap between the Minor and the Major programs than is permissible. Only one course can be counted toward both the major and the minor degrees.
  4. The Graduate/Undergraduate Advisor in Medieval Studies must certify that the five courses do qualify as courses in Medieval Studies. This verification should take place early in the student's last term at Berkeley. Previous consultation with the Advisor is strongly recommended.

Recommended Courses

Students who are contemplating advanced work in Medieval Studies should, if possible, take History 4B (Origins of Western Civilization: The Middle Ages) early in their undergraduate career. Other lower division courses are also recommended (e.g. Italian Studies 30, "Dante," and Music 75, "History of Western Music to 1700"), but only upper division courses can be counted toward the Minor.

Qualifying Courses

See the Medieval Studies course catalog.

How to Declare the Medieval Studies Minor

Five Easy Steps

  1. Read the requirements carefully; select and complete courses fulfilling the requirements, making sure that only ONE course is double-counted in fulfillment of the requirements of your Major. 
  2. You may declare the Minor only in your final semester.  The Office of the Registrar, in fact, will not process the form until the final 2-3 weeks of the semester.  Trying to do it earlier may result in the form being lost.
  3. To declare, download a "Completion of an L&S Minor" form from the College of Letters and Sciences website: https://ls.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/advcompletionofminor_2017.pdf
  4. Fill out the form and take it to the advisor in YOUR MAJOR first.  This advisor must certify that your requirements for the Major are fulfilled (page 2 of the form: "Major/Minor Overlap Check") and sign at the bottom of the form.
  5.  Then take the form to the Medieval Studies advisor.