2020 MAA Graduate Workshop

MAA Meeting Manuscripts Workshop 

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The Medieval Academy of America and the Program in Medieval Studies of the University of California, Berkeley, are offering a graduate student workshop in manuscript studies in advance of the annual meeting of the Medieval Academy in the spring of 2020. The workshop will run on the Wednesday through Thursday morning of the week of the Medieval Academy meeting, March 25th and 26th, in the seminar room of the Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library on Berkeley’s campus.

The workshop is designed to familiarize graduate students with the specific challenges and special opportunities of working with Western European musical and liturgical manuscripts, centered on in vivo work with examples from Berkeley’s own Hargrove and Bancroft collections. While the workshop will focus on liturgical and musical sources, it can also serve to introduce participants—especially those whose home institutions do not have manuscript collections—to working with manuscripts more generally. No prior experience with manuscripts or medieval musical or liturgical culture is strictly necessary, but basic Latin reading skills will be helpful.

In addition to fundamental aspects of manuscript handling, participants will be introduced to the structures of medieval musical and liturgical practices and the way those practices both inflect and can be seen in manuscripts ranging from antiphonals to sacramentaries. Participants will gain experience in topics—such as musical notation—not commonly taught in introductory manuscript study surveys, and will also be introduced to the wealth of detailed bibliographic resources available for extending their work beyond the workshop proper. Given the admitted complexity of the materials we’ll study together, this workshop is an invaluable opportunity togain first-hand experience with and guidance through an exciting area of manuscript research that can often seem overly complex or intimidating. To apply to the workshop, please submit:

  • A five hundred word statement articulating your interest in the workshop, its potential to further your work, and any prior relevant experience.
  • A current CV.